Free Covid Testing Kits in Richmond Hill ON

Free Covid Testing Kits in Richmond Hill ON

We have free COVID testing kits at Viva Health Center pharmacy. Call us today for more information or schedule an appointment online. We are located at 9580 Yonge Street Unit #6 Richmond Hill, ON L4C 1V6.

Free COVID-19 Testing Kits Near Me in Richmond Hill ON
Free COVID-19 Testing Kits Near Me in Richmond Hill ON

Table of Contents:

How long does it take for COVID-19 symptoms to appear?
When should I be tested for COVID-19?
What should I do if I have symptoms of COVID-19?
How do free COVID testing kits work?

Welcome to Viva Health Centre conveniently located in Richmond Hill, ON! We are a team of physicians, pharmacists, and other specialized medical professionals proud to serve our many wonderful patients. Our team provides many services including family care, internal medical care, pharmaceutical care, vaccinations, and much more. Patients who suspect they may have contracted coronavirus or who have been exposed can pick up rapid testing kits at our clinic. To learn more about free COVID testing kits in Richmond Hill, ON, continue reading down below!

How long does it take for COVID-19 symptoms to appear?

Whether you’ve been recently exposed to COVID-19 or are showing similar symptoms to this virus, you may want to get tested. If you have been infected, it can take anywhere from one day to two weeks to start showing symptoms. That’s why testing soon after exposure is crucial. You may have COVID-19 and be contagious without even knowing. Symptomatic patients generally have symptoms within 3 to 7 days of exposure.

When should I be tested for COVID-19?

Regular testing for COVID-19 has proven to reduce the spread of infection and hospitalization. Viral laboratory tests and rapid tests can help your doctors determine if you are currently infected with the virus. You may want to get tested for COVID-19 if you have been recently exposed, work or live in an environment where you are at high risk for exposure or have developed symptoms. Coronavirus can affect each person a little bit differently. Symptoms can include the following:

• Fever
• Loss of taste
• Loss of smell
• Extreme fatigue
• Chills
• Cough
• Difficulty breathing
• Chest pain
• Shallow breath
• Muscle aches
• General weakness
• Confusion and malaise
• Loss of speech
• Loss of mobility
• Headaches and migraine
• Nasal congestion
• Sore throat
• Conjunctivitis
• Skin rash
• Skin discoloration
• Diarrhea, nausea, and/or vomiting
• Abdominal pain

What should I do if I have symptoms of COVID-19?

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, make sure to isolate yourself at home to help stop the spread of the virus. People who have the infection can be pre-symptomatic, symptomatic, or asymptomatic. We recommend you complete a rapid test at home if you suspect you have the virus. This will help guide your next steps and give you an idea as to what you need to do next. Stay away from your loved ones until you’re sure you don’t have the virus. This is extremely important if they have a preexisting health condition or are at higher risk of developing serious complications. If you have severe symptoms of coronavirus, please make sure to call 911, safely travel to an emergency room, and get the healthcare you need immediately.

How do free COVID testing kits work?

Rapid antigen testing kits are able to find signs that the protein responsible for COVID-19 is in your body. They are most effective for people who are showing symptoms. This type of test produces results within 15 to 20 minutes. Simply follow the instruction pamphlet to get as accurate the results as possible.

For additional information on free COVID-19 test kits provided at Viva Health Centre, give our friendly front desk a call during our business hours. Our team would love to guide you through the process of testing and diagnosis. We need to all work together to stop the spread of coronavirus and frequent rapid testing is one way to do so! Continue to be aware of who you’re with, monitor any new symptoms that develop, test for COVID if you feel it’s necessary, and isolate when infected. Viva Health Centre is dedicated to helping our community stay healthy, happy, and safe. We greatly appreciate your diligence through this time and are extremely grateful to our patients who continue to be cautious! To get a free COVID-19 testing kit in Richmond Hill, ON, please reach out to Viva Health Centre. We serve patients from Richmond Hill ON, Vaughan ON, Oak Ridges, ON, Bayview Glen ON, Markham ON, and surrounding areas.