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Family Doctor Accepting New Patients Questions and Answers

A family doctor can do so much for you and your loved ones. You can see the doctor about any health concern you have, and the doctor can provide ongoing care for anyone in your family with a chronic condition. If you need to see any kind of specialist, the doctor can refer you and create an entire network of medical professionals for your family! Call us for more information. We serve patients from Richmond Hill ON, Markham ON, Newmarket ON, Aurora ON and Gormley ON.

Family Doctor Accepting New Patients Near Me in Richmond Hill, ON

Our family doctors here at Viva Health Centre can do all that and more for you and your family, so come see us if you need a new family doctor accepting new patients in Richmond Hill, ON!

What is a family doctor?

This medical professional is a kind of primary care physician that’s specialized in family medicine. A family doctor can provide first-level care for patients of any age, including children and seniors, and if a patient needs continual care for a chronic condition like diabetes, the family doctor can provide it too. Vaccinations, physical exams, referrals, and more can be provided. A family doctor can create a network with other medical professionals to provide you and your family with fully comprehensive care.

It’s good to have a family doctor since one can take care of your whole family, be a friend to your family, and easily identify any common health conditions that run in the family.

How often should I see a family doctor?

This is a good question. The answer depends on a few factors. For example, your age is a factor, and may be the main factor. Typically, patients over 50 years old will need to see a family doctor for a general checkup once a year, and patients under 50 should see a doctor once every three years at least. However, all that depends on other factors too, like a patient’s health and whether the patient is at risk for any health issues. You might also need to see the doctor if any health issue comes up at any point.

You should speak with a family doctor about how often you should go in for a visit. When you come see us here at Viva Health Centre, ask the doctor you see how often you and your loved ones should come in for a visit.

How do I find a family doctor?

In Ontario, there are many resources available to you so you can find a family physician that’s accepting new patients. You could search online for these resources or you could search online for something like, “family doctor accepting new patients in Richmond Hill, ON”. Of course, you could just come see one of our family doctors here at Viva Health Centre! Our clinic’s family doctors are more than capable of taking care of you and your loved ones, and they’re currently accepting new patients.

Our doctors have over 70 years of cumulative healthcare experience. For one, there’s Dr. Negin Asefi, our experienced family medicine specialist, who can take care of everyone in your family regardless of age. Also, because Viva Health Centre is a walk-in clinic, you’ll be able to see a doctor just about whenever you might need to.

We’d love to meet you and your family for an appointment or a simple meet-and-greet! Call us today at (289) 275-7210 or come visit us anytime Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm. You’ll find us at 9580 Yonge Street Unit #6 Richmond Hill, ON L4C 1V6. If you like, you can book with us online. We look forward to meeting you soon here at Viva Health Centre!