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Pharmacy Questions and Answers

Are you looking for a pharmacy? Look no further than Viva Health Centre! We have pharmacists that are happy to help with any questions about your medication. We are located at 9580 Yonge Street Unit #6 Richmond Hill, ON L4C 1V6. For more information, call us now or book an appointment online.

Pharmacy in Richmond Hill, ON

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What does a pharmacist do?

A pharmacist is who dispenses and distributes prescription medication to people. Pharmacists also offer advice to patients, doctors, and health practitioners on the choices, dosages, interactions, and possible side effects of medication, and monitor the health and progress of patients to ensure that they are using their medications both effectively and safely. Pharmacists can be found in either community pharmacies – such as those found in drugstores – or in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals.

Your pharmacist will be the one who advises you on how to take your medication and instruct you on how to take it – if it is a new medication prescribed to you – and if there are any potential side effects or interactions with other prescription medications that you take.

Those pharmacists who work in community pharmacies primarily dispense medications, provide counseling to patients on the use of medications (both OTC and prescription), and advise physicians about medication therapy. They can also provide patients with advice about more general healthcare topics, such as diet and exercise; they also are sources of information when it comes to medical products, such as medical equipment or home healthcare supplies. Pharmacists are also responsible for completing paperwork, including third-party insurance forms. Pharmacists may also provide specialized services to patients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes or asthma, and may be trained to administer vaccinations.

Pharmacists who work in a healthcare setting – such as a hospital – also dispense medications and advise healthcare staff on the effects and choice of medications and drugs used in medical treatment. They also may make sterile solutions to be administered intravenously and their duties include the planning, monitoring, and evaluation of drug programs or regimens. Additionally, they may also provide counsel to patients on the use of medications before the patient is discharged.

If the pharmacist owns their own pharmacy, then they will also have a variety of management duties and may stock items other than those used for healthcare or medical treatment. They will also have to manage and hire employees and personnel to help with running and working the pharmacy.

Where is a pharmacy near me?

For those looking for a pharmacy in their area, you should start with an internet search to locate those close to you. Many pharmacies have convenient hours and locations, with many located in local grocery or drug stores. You can also ask your prescribing doctor – usually your family doctor or a hospital doctor, whoever your prescribing doctor is – if they have any recommendations on what pharmacy you should visit to fill your prescription.

Your friends and family may also have recommendations on pharmacies, so asking them is always a good option as well. You want one that is close to where you live and has convenient hours and friendly staff who are happy to help you should you have any questions or concerns.

If you are located in the Richmond Hill, ON area, then the pharmacy here at Viva Medical Centre is here to help you with any questions or concerns you might have about your prescription medication. We are conveniently located at 9580 Yonge Street Unit #6 Richmond Hill, ON L4C 1V6. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors, you may request an appointment online on our website, or call us.